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Publish compelling offers that lead to customer discovery and new sales.


Create personalized offers for individual customers who create Wantifieds, leading to a deeper level of customer engagement.


Surprise and delight your regular customers by sending special offers meant just for them via Wantify. This unique relationship building feature turns one-time buyers into brand loyalists.

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Pay for Performance

Utilize Our Free Merchant Portal

Register for FREE, view relevant demand for FREE, post offers for FREE. Don’t want to discount? No problem. Unique offerings or value-add services can compel the customer just as well!  You have complete control over the look and feel and the messaging-ensuring the offer stays consistent with your branding. Then, the offer will be delivered to customers who are looking for what you offer! Pay nothing upfront. Pay only when you make the sale!

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Build and Reward Regulars

Retain Your VIP Customers

Often, business promotions and sites narrowly focus on ‘new customers only’. However, we know your regular customers are your best customers.  With Wantify, you can play favorites: send your most loyal patrons special deals, just for them. A delighted buyer not only comes back- they bring their friends and they tell their neighbors. This momentum helps to fuel exponential growth for your business by creating regular and repeat engagement.

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